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Far too often I hear birth stories with the phrase “I had to “.

What if instead of hearing a “I had to…” or “my doctor made me” we heard “I chose to…” or “my partner and I decided to…“?  How much more empowering would that be?

El Paso is booming with great NEW as well as many TRUSTED options for birthing families.

Let me help you navigate the borderland’s birthing options through first-hand experience, client, peer and personal reviews, links and information from trusted area resources, access to up to date maternal and infant related studies, and in-depth commentary from local birth professionals.

Childbirth education, preparation, and support is empowering for the entire birthing family.

Let me know how I can help you on your journey.


“Lety was, in one word, amazing! She was our hypno-doula at the birth of our son and helped to make our birthing experience everything we’d hoped for. Her gentle and supportive approach allowed for my husband and I to feel comfortable and confidant in our birthing choices. I would highly recommend Lety as a doula as well as the Hypnobabies classes to any expectant mothers!”

Emily and Vito C.

“My birth experience with Lety as my doula was absolutely great! Her kind and gentle nature was just what I needed for my natural birth. She’s a great supporter and reassured me when I needed it most. She also helped me with breastfeeding afterwards, making sure baby had a correct latch, etc. Having her as my doula was a great decision ! Would definitely recommend her to anyone.”

Amanda and Jonathan D.

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