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Hypnobabies is a childbirth education program that teaches expectant moms and their birth partners MEDICAL QUALITY HYPNOSIS and techniques that help mothers enjoy their birthing time and have easier, more comfortable births.
Hypnobabies students will attend a 6 week course where they will learn self-hypnosis and techniques that they will utilize throughout their pregnancy and birth and will help mom feel more relaxed and comfortable throughout this precious time in her life. Our hypnosis and positive affirmation tracks are specially designed to help build the expectant mother’s and birth partner’s confidence to allow them to have the beautiful, easy and comfortable birth of their dreams.

Imagine, ENJOYING EVERY MOMENT OF YOUR BABY’S BIRTH!! With Hypnobabies, you can.

Hypnobabies also provides comprehensive childbirth education covering subjects such as nutrition, exercises for optimal baby positioning, and a wealth of information to help mother’s make the most informed decision about the care she and her baby receive.
I began my Hypnobabies journey as a student myself taking the course during my third pregnancy. I was amazed at how calm and relaxed the program helped me stay despite my husband’s absence due to a deployment during the birth. I felt empowered, joyful, comfortable and extremely grateful for the opportunity to birth my baby so peacefully.

I’m excited to offer Hypnobabies in El Paso and surrounding areas to help local families experience easier, more comfortable births.

All Hypnobabies courses require a $100 deposit.  Deposit is non-refundable. Remaining balance due on the first day of the course


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