“There’s no words to describe how amazing Lety is, not only as a doula but as a person too. She is super patient, encouraging and knowledgeable, something that, no matter if you’re pregnant with your first, second or eighth baby, one could need. Every time I had a question, she was there for me, during my pregnancy and after. And at the delivery room she and my husband were my rock! She explained everything and supported us along the way, and stayed with me the entire day my delivery lasted. I’m very happy I choose her as my doula, if you have any doubt or are still wondering about getting one, please do! It was the best decision I could’ve made! Thank you for everything! We love you Lety!”  Dulce L. 

“My birth experience with Lety as my doula was absolutely great! Her kind and gentle nature was just what I needed for my natural birth. She’s a great supporter and reassured me when I needed it most. She also helped me with breastfeeding afterwards, making sure baby had a correct latch, etc. Having her as my doula was a great decision ! Would definitely recommend her to anyone.”  Amanda D.

“Lety was, in one word, amazing! She was our hypno-doula at the birth of our son and helped to make our birthing experience everything we’d hoped for. Her gentle and supportive approach allowed for my husband and I to feel comfortable and confidant in our birthing choices. I would highly recommend Lety as a doula as well as the Hypnobabies classes to any expectant mothers!”  Emily C. 

“Absolutely loved having Lety at our birth. She was by our side the whole time with such a supportive energy from the moment she got to the hospital. We did not want a hospital birth, but due to a complication we had to go the hospital route. She really helped us make the best of it. I say “our” because not only did she help me through the labor she helped my husband too. One never knows how a labor will go and when it was as long as ours, you will want Lety by your side. She has a very supportive, caring, and uplifting spirit. I highly recommend Lety.”   Moni M. 

“I decided to take Lety’s Hypnobabies class based on quite a few word-of-mouth recommendations. The classes were outstanding. With each class I took I felt more and more prepared for my birthing time. Aside from enrolling in the classes, one of the best decisions I made was to also have Lety as my doula. She helped me develop a birth plan, responded very quickly when I needed to have someone meet me at my birth place, and helped me to have a smooth, comfortable birth without fear. I received breastfeeding support immediately following the birth and a couple weeks thereafter. If you are looking for a great support system before, during and after your birth, you will find it with Lovebabies Peacebabies Birth Services!”  Jamie Z. 

“I can’t express how much I love, am grateful for, and trust Letty. I did the hypnobabies class as well as had Letty as my doula at my birth at the Retreat. I still use techniques from class, which I very much enjoyed, as do my kids for sleep. At my birth Letty knew just what tracks to play, when to give the right massages/touch, and when to let my husband and I labor alone. Letty is one of the most beautiful people who will make you feel so comfortable and just like home.”  Andrea H. 

“I love her. She is easy to like and be comfortable with. in few days that I knew her she feels like a family to me already. Her gentleness and her passion with what she is doing makes her shine as my hypno-doula. She is knowledgeable with what she does. So I consult her opinion during my pregnancy and birthing. I will never forget how she coached me during my birthing making my birthing experience a comfortable and painless (unmedicated ) birthing at home. She was there for me and even skipped meals just to be at my side all through out my birthing. I would want to have her again as my hypno-doula in my next birthing”  Kizzy L.

“Loved the classes… Lety has such a calming voice too when she reads the script. I looked forward to the class every weekend. The Retreat is a beautiful place to have the classes too, so very calming and welcoming If we have another baby I already told my hubby that I want Lety as my Doula too”  Rachel K. 

“If you’re looking for a doula who is compassionate, personable, calm and sweet to walk you through one of the most special times in your life, look no further than Lety. I found Lety on the Hypnobabies site and enlisted her as our hypno-doula for the birth of our first child. I did the home study of the Hypnobabies curriculum because of my erratic work schedule but Lety met with us in person to get acquainted and to conduct a “birthing rehearsal” with my husband and I before my due date. Lety is incredibly approachable and easy to talk to– she has a peaceful and calm vibe about her at all times. I knew as soon as we talked on the phone the first time that she was who I wanted to attend my birth. She is easily reachable, answering my texts, calls and emails promptly. Early in the morning on my due date when my water broke, Lety responded to my texts to coach me through next steps and came to my house when I was ready for her. She helped me and my husband remain calm throughout my laboring process, making conversation, offering gentle advice and maintaining a positive and encouraging manner throughout. When we got to the hospital, Lety stayed by my head as I pushed and tuned out everyone else in the room, just focusing on her cue words and calm instructions. The hospital staff was very impressed with Lety and have invited her to teach at their pregnancy support groups. My husband and I agree that hiring Lety was the best move we could have made and I am so grateful for her presence during the birth of our daughter.”  Julia B. 

“The Hypnobabies course is wonderful. It was especially great for my partner to learn how to be supportive. Lety was my doula. When she arrived at my birth I instantly felt relieved. Lety was wonderful at helping me focus and stay relaxed when the hospital threw wrench in my birth plan. She is an absoulety amazing childbirth educator and doula. El Paso is lucky to have her. I will always be thankful I had her at my side.”  Amy M. 

“Where do I begin?! I first heard of Lety when a friend tagged me in her Hypnobabies post… I then met Lety at “Dessert for Doulas” and was immediately drawn to her. I signed up for Hypnobabies and loved ALL the information I received as well as hearing Lety’s soothing voice. Through a series of events, Lety took on the challenge of being my doula and it is because of this I feel I was able to have the unmedicated, vaginal birth I had hoped for. My husband initially thought the course was silly and he felt I didn’t need a doula I only needed him. But when active labor started and nurses and doctors were asking him questions and I wouldn’t let him leave my sight he was incredibly grateful to have Lety there–with her abundance of knowledge, her patience, and her massaging techniques. To not hire Lety (or at least take her course), is to live with regret!”  Lauren J. 

“I don’t even know what to say… How do I review someone as amazing as Lety? She’s someone you want to be best buds with right away. She’s so knowledgeable and doesn’t hesitate to give you the resources you need. She was there for ALL my questions. And during labor? There are no words. Some that would come close: amazing, wonderful… essential. It was the perfect birthing experience.”  Danielle A. 

“I hope my review does this lovely ladies justice. She’s exactly what my husband and I needed for our home birth. She was my rock when I needed her and she let me be when she felt it was necessary. Even just her presence was enough to keep me calm and collected. I love her so much. She was not only a great doula, she also became a great friend. We will definitely be using her services for our next baby!”  Michelle M. 

“Lety is wonderful. She is personable, firm, knowledgeable, gentle, but not too soft. She helped me exactly when I needed her to help and guide my husband and I. Her demeanor is very friendly.”  Angie R. 

“Lety simplemente es extraordinaria, la mejor!!! Siempre estuvo a lado mío para apoyarme y darme soporte en el momento más especial de mi vida, traer a mi hijo al mundo!!! Su compañía es excepcional y siempre le estaré agradecida !!!” Bibiana C. 

“Took this class (Mind Body Birth) today with my mom and absolutely loved it. I feel confident and ready for birth! I would recommend anyone who is planning on being in the birthing room to take this class!” Anna C. 

“My man & I had such a great birthing class with Lety. She basically reaffirmed some of what we knew and then learned so much more. She keeps it positive and making one feel very empowered to be able to handle a natural birth. Loved your approach to birthing and your class. thank you!!” Monica A.

“My partner & myself attended the Mind Body Birth class. We absolutely enjoyed every minute. So relaxing & very informative. My favorite part was learning the different comfort positions while birthing. Lety really gets your mind to shift from fear to ALL POSITIVITY & I believe that’s key when the time comes!! & all my questions were answered, which I really appreciate. Thank you again Lety!!!” Pauline G.

“Such a great class_ If you’re looking to learn more about your journey, this class is very useful. She shared lot of important and positive information that you may not even think about. I strongly recommend the class for all those future moms who wants to follow the path of positivism and good vibes.” Crisstyna O.