Local Birth Stories

McKenzie’s Hypnobabies Birth

At over 41 weeks and still pregnant I was very ready for baby to arrive! For the past weeks we had been getting everything ready, including practicing our hypnobabies tracks religiously. When I woke up that morning on January 24th, 2017 I knew today was the day! I had been having mild pressure waves all morning and even had Julian call work and tell them that he was starting his paternity leave. We already had an appointment with our midwife set up for that afternoon at the birth center where we met up with our amazing doula Lety. When we went to our appointment, pressure waves where about 10 minutes apart and consistent. I was around 4cm dialated and fully effaced and we were all confident that we would soon have a baby. After the appointment we went back home to rest and prepare. As I continued to labor I listened  to my hypnobabies tracks while trying to get some rest. I never fell asleep but I was very deep in hypnosis and very relaxed. My hypnobabies tracks made me lose all sense of time and After what felt like only a few minutes was actually 3 hours that had gone by and now pressure waves where coming stronger and closer together. I knew it was time to go! We arrived at the birth center at 4pm and got situated in the beautiful birthing room. After trying a few different positions and continuing to listen to my hypnobabies tracks and peace cue, I felt my body was tell me to just lay down. Hypnobabies gave me the techniques to drown out everything around me and feel fully connected to my body and my baby. With the help of my doula’s comfort measures through pressure waves time just seemed to fly by and all of the sudden I felt my body begin to start pushing. With my husband and doula supporting me and my midwife guiding me I pushed and pushed and finally birthed my baby boy. Zane Andrew Rodriguez was born at 9:27 pm after only 5 hours of being at the birth center. He was 8lbs 4.5oz of pure perfection.  The entire experience was quick, quite and comfortable and one I will always cherish!


Beth’s Hypnobabies Birth

Sophia’s Birth